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Financial Foundations

Financial Planning - Tax Minimization - Budgeting - Investing

Goals & Resource Based Financial Planning, Professional Investment Management & Annual Tax Filing Services.

*Designed for incomes > $60,000 and Investable assets less than $300,000.

Service & Pricing

Financial Foundations Planning 

& Wealth Building Services


monthly subscription

+ 0.5% of assets under management

  • Minimize Taxes With Proactive Annual Tax Planning & Advice

  • Maximize Cash Flow By Dialing In Withholding

  • Annual Tax Filing Services:

    • 1 x 1040 Filing

    • 1 x Schedule E

  • 2 x Annual Planning Meetings

  • Year-round Support

Plan, Save, & Invest To Build Wealth & Reach Your Goals

Minimize Taxes With Proactive Planning & Advice

Minimize Taxes, Maximize Cash Flow, & Grow Your Wealth With Proactive Financial Planning & Professional Investment Management.

Save More With Cash Flow Analysis & Budgeting

CFO services for you and your household for tax-efficient financial management. Create a personalized Spending & Savings Plan.

Invest Your Savings With Professional Management

Put your money to work for you, investing in stock and bond index fund portfolios that align with your goals, timeframe, and tolerance for risk. 

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