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AI Powered Business Development

CayDen AI for LinkedIn

Grow your business with the power of AI automation and the expansive reach of LinkedIn. Build awareness, nurture your prospects while adding value, and position your services and products to convert more business and generate more revenue with automated outreach, branding and business development powered by CayDen AI's Fully-Managed Business Development Services on LinkedIn.

CayDen AI for LinkedIn

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Grow your business by generating more qualified, warm leads on LinkedIn with the power of automated AI outreach.

Drive new business and increase ROI by investing in AI automation.

Two Ways You Can Leverage CayDen AI To Drive New Business Growth...

1. Do It Yourself

Unleash the power of CayDen's AI automation to leverage your branding, marketing, and business development activities to create warm business opportunities from cold outreach. 

Do it yourself, creating lists of your target market, creating and launching campaigns, leveraging the power of CayDen's AI automation and monitoring & adjusting campaigns with your CayDen AI dashboard with live and dynamic reporting.

2. Professionally Managed For You

Leverage the power of CayDen AI as well as the strategy and professional management of your LinkedIn profile by your dedicated CayDen AI Strategic Sales Advisor.


Your advisor will work with you to understand your desired niche and target markets, effective prospect list making, campaign strategy, messaging, and your unique value proposition to develop a custom 3-pronged campaign designed to maximize your awareness, association, and new business opportunities. Driving ROI and warm prospect meetings from cold outreach with the power of AI automation.

AI Services & Pricing

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CayDen AI: DIY Automation


per month

Send up to 400 connect requests per month

Send up to 2,000 nurture messages per month

Send up to 800 Open InMails per months

Live Dynamic Reporting and analysis

*Pair with LinkedIn Sales Navigator for best

Priced per user profile

Pre-paid Discount Pricing

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CayDen AI: DIY Automation



3 Months: $945 ($315/m)

6 Months: $1,800 ($300/m)

12 Months: $3,000 ($250/m)


1. Free Demo Meeting

Review Current LinkedIn Sales Process & CayDen AI

We start by reviewing your current LinkedIn business development process and your business growth goals. We then show you a demo of the CayDen AI platform, its capabilities, and how we can help you generate more warm, qualified leads with CayDen AI.

2. CayDen AI Onboarding

Get Started growing your business on LinkedIn

One sign up is completed we will begin the onboarding process... Onboarding includes, 1. Setting up your Client Dashboard and hooking up your LinkedIn, 2. Reviewing your buyer's journey and sales process, 3. Integrating CayDen AI with your sales process, 4. Identify target market, list categories, and campaign messaging, 5. Create your 3 core campaigns (Awareness, Value-Add Nurture, & Positioning), 6. Start getting warm-qualified leads and meetings scheduled directly to your calendar. *We will also schedule monthly reporting and strategy calls.

Book Your Demo

Grow your business with the power of AI

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