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The Power of Proactive Planning

Plan for financial success with your team of CayDen advisors.

Financial Services

Financial Foundations



+ 0.5% of assets under management

Goals and resource driven financial planning, tax services, and investment management for individual savers and investors with income between $50,000 - $80,000/yr, and less than $300,000 in investable assets. 

*CayDen LLC, DBA CayDen Tax & Consulting is a separate but affiliated company with CayDen Wealth Management under common ownership. CayDen WM's tax services are provided by CayDen Tax & Consulting.

Take Your Household Financial Management to
the Next Level with CayDen Wealth Management

Proactive, Tax Efficient, Financial Planning & Investment Management

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional Leading Your Advisor Team

Your CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional led team will help you plan, save, and invest for long term financial success.

Pro Active Tax Planning, Consulting & Timely Tax Return Filing

Minimize taxes and maximize take home pay with proactive tax planning with your CayDen Tax Planner & Advisor.

Systematize & Automate The Wealth Building Process

"Pay yourself first"... That's what your team of CayDen Advisors helps you do. We help you identify and prioritize your goals, create an action, and then systematize and automate the saving and investing process. In effect, paying yourself first.

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CayDen's Wealth Management Services

Your team of CayDen Wealth Management advisors provide personalized, fiduciary financial planning, tax advice, & investment management services for you and your family.

Financial Foundations

We help you...

  • Build A Strong Financial Foundation

  • Minimize Taxes

  • Maximize Cash Flow

  • Formally Identify & Prioritize Goals

  • Consolidate Accounts

  • Invest Long Term Savings

  • Analyze Cash Flow

  • Build a Budget And Savings Plan

  • Reduce Debt

  • Increase Assets

  • Build Your Wealth

  • Reach Your Financial Goals While Living Your Life.

How It Works:

  • Benchmark Your Net Worth

  • Create SMART Goals

  • Yearly Goals & Resource Driven Financial Action Planning

    • Annual Tax Return Review & Tax Minimization Plan

    • Annual Cash Flow Analysis, Spending & Savings Plan

  • Annual Tax Filing

  • Year-round Support

  • On-going Professional Investment Management

Monthly Subscription Pricing:

$110 per month + 0.5% of assets under management

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Reach Your Financial Goals Faster With Goals Driven Financial Planning

Bring clarity to your household financial management & organize all of the pieces that makeup the "Big-Picture". Plan, save, & invest for long term financial success with your team of CayDen Wealth Management Planners & Advisors. 

Minimize Taxes, Maximize Household Income, & Build Wealth.

CayDen's proactive tax planning & advice helps you minimize taxes, maximize cash flow, & increase savings to build wealth.

File your taxes accurately & on-time, maximizing credits & deductions with your CayDen Tax Planners & Advisors.

Put Your Money To Work For You With Professional Investment Management

Grow your wealth with investment strategies designed to support your goals, risk tolerance, & timeframe.

Keep your savings working for you with comprehensive investment portfolio management to coordinate strategies across accounts & locations.

Tax-Efficient Financial Planning & Professional Investment Management Services

How It Works

Your Free Financial Review

1. Schedule your Free Financial Review

2. Build Your Asset Map to get a big-picture view of your financial situation and guide our review meeting conversation.

3. Upload your tax return for a deep dive review to give you insight into your income tax situation.

4. During your Free Financial Review meeting a Certified Financial Planner professional will show you where you are currently, discuss where you want to go, and tell you how we would partner with you to help you get there by planning, saving, and investing for success.

100% Fiduciaries, 100% of the time!

fi·du·cia·ry | \ fə-ˈdü-shē-ˌer-ē 
noun: held or founded in trust or confidence. 

Put simply, we always put your financial interest ahead of our own. Always!

We Don't Just Manage Wealth, We Help You Grow It

Your Net Worth is the measure of your wealth.
Net Worth = Assets - Liabilities.


We help you grow your wealth by decreasing your liabilities and increasing your assets. It's that simple. 

Industry Leading Financial Planning Technology

Accurately plan for the future and clearly visualize your financial situation and "big-picture".

Family Office Focus With Big Firm Capabilities

We utilize Behavioral Finance & Economics to help you build better financial habits and behaviors to maximize your financial situation.

Kevin, CO

We recently worked with Shane and Dan at CayDen to review our retirement plan and adjust our investments. They fully listened to our goals, answered all our questions, and provided clear and understandable recommendations for our financial plan. Complete professionals. We highly recommend them.
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