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CayDen Wealth Management

We Specialize In Building Wealth

Fiduciary, Fee-Only Financial Advice and Investment Management

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A Modern Approach To Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Fiduciary | Fee-Only | Financial Planning, Advice & Investment Management

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Whether you're just getting started with saving and investing, or if you are looking to take your finances to the next level with private wealth management, partner with CayDen Wealth Management to reach your financial goals.

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CayDen's Wealth Builder:

 Investment Management & Automated Savings

Investment Management & Automated Saving To Systematically Build Your Wealth.

Save and invest for financial success with CayDen's Wealth Builder, our automated saving and investment management platform.

Identify your goals with a CayDen Wealth Advisor, formalize them on the Wealth Builder platform, and then put your savings to work, investing your money to reach your goals.

$5,000 Investment Minimum 

0.5% of assets under management

CayDen's Private Wealth Management: 

Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Services

Custom Financial Planning & Investment Management For Families & Young Professionals

$0 - $299,999 in Investable Assets? $259/month

Over $300,000 in Investable Assets? Starting at 1% assets under management fee

At CayDen Wealth Management, we take a family office approach to your Private Wealth Management. Providing on-going Fiduciary Financial Planning, Advice, and  Investment Management.

Ready to take action, but not sure what's right for you? Schedule an intro call for a free initial consultation! We'll talk through your financial situation and goals to determine your best next steps.

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How it works

Build your wealth, realize your financial goals and reach your own version of Financial Freedom with CayDen Wealth Management's Financial Planning and Investment Management Services.

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Getting started is easy

See how our process starts by building your personalized Asset-Map® Report.

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Get Started With Your Free Financial Review

Get started and get your free financial review by completing your Asset-Map® or by scheduling your intro call with the link below.

We build a custom Asset-Map Report for all of our clients’ households and use it throughout our interactions to make sense of priorities and intentions as well as gaps and areas of improvement.

1. Meet Your Team, Get Organized, & Benchmark Your Net Worth

In our first formal meeting you will meet your CayDen Wealth Management Team, will help you organize your financial picture within your customized eMoney client portal, we will set up your portal access, and we will benchmark your Net Worth.

2. Risk Tolerance Review, Longterm Asset Allocation Recommendations, & Account Consolidation

In our second meeting we will review your Risk Tolerance, provide your Longterm Asset Allocation Recommendations, implement the recommendations, and Consolidate your financial accounts designated for professional management.

3. Cash Flow Analysis, Values Identification, Goals Formalization, & Alignment

In this meeting we will dive into your Resource and Cash Flow Analysis, guide you through our Values card exercise, assist you in formally Identifying and Prioritizing your Goals, and review Alignment.

4. Build Out First Quarterly Action Plan

In this meeting we will create your first Quarterly Action Pan, designed and aligned for your prioritized goals and identified resources.

5. Insurance Planning & Risk Management Review, Annual 401k Rebalancing, & Employee Benefits Review

In this meeting we will review your Risk Exposure, create a Risk Management Plan and identify Insurance needs, and complete the annual Rebalancing of your 401k or company retirement account.

6. Annual Financial Review, Net Worth Review, & Tax-time Prep

In our Annual Financial Review meeting we will review the growth of your Net Worth, assess where and how progress has been made, and Prepare for Tax-time.

7. Tax Return Review, Tax Planning, & New Year Quarterly Action Plan

In this meeting we will Review your Tax Return to assess planning opportunities for the coming year. We will also create your New Year Quarterly Action Plan.

8. On-Going Quarterly Financial Reviews & Action Plans

We will meet on a quarterly basis for regular Financial Review meetings and Quarterly Action Plans. If something comes up between meetings, you can always schedule time with your CayDen Wealth Management Team for a planning conversation.

*Peace Of Mind & Personalized Advice

With your dedicated planning and investment team along with tools built for your success, you’ll run your day-to-day finances confidently knowing that your CayDen Wealth Advisors have your back and you have a clear plan in place.

Message your Relationship Manager anytime if you have questions on your financial planning, investing, the market, or even the latest investment trend you heard about from a friend.

Build Your Wealth & Realize Your Own Version Of Financial Freedom

In partnership with your CayDen Wealth Management team, you will make consistent progress towards your own version of financial freedom, realizing your prioritized goals, and setting new ones, while watching your investments and wealth grow over time.

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Fiduciary, Fee-Only Financial Planning, Advice & Investment Management

Wealth Builder Investing

0.5% Management Fee

$5,000 Investment Minimum

Goals Identification
Goals Formalization
Custom Investment Strategy
Automated Savings
Custom Debt Management Plan
Annual Review

Private Wealth Management


Investors with less than $300,000 in AUM

Net Worth Calculation & Benchmarking
Financial Organization
Goals Identification
Cash Flow Analysis
Risk Management
Custom Investment Strategies
Debt Repayment Strategies
Custom Financial Action Plans
Quarterly Meetings
Tax Planning 
Estate Planning 
Annual Net Worth Reviews

Private Wealth Management

1% Management Fee

$300,000 AUM Minimum

Net Worth Calculation & Benchmarking
Financial Organization
Goals Identification
Cash Flow Analysis
Risk Management
Custom Investment Strategies
Debt Repayment Strategies
Custom Financial Action Plans
Quarterly Meetings
Tax Planning 
Estate Planning
Annual Net Worth Reviews

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How we're different

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100% Fiduciaries, 100% of the time!

fi·du·cia·ry | \ fə-ˈdü-shē-ˌer-ē 
noun: held or founded in trust or confidence. 

Put simply, we always put your financial interest ahead of our own. Always!

We Don't Just Manage Wealth. We help You Grow It

Your Net Worth is the measure of your wealth.
Net Worth = Assets - Liabilities.
We help you grow your wealth by decreasing your liabilities and increasing your assets. It's that simple. 

Industry Leading Financial Planning Technology

Accurately plan for the future and clearly visualize your financial situation and "big-picture".

Big Firm Capabilities, Family Office Focus & Feel

We utilize Behavioral Finance & Economics to help you build better financial habits and behaviors to maximize your financial situation.

"Take control of your financial destiny and plan for success."

Daniel Caycedo

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